Wilden Pump

Wilden Pump

Since 1955 Wilden has been the market leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pumps.

Wilden has been the market leader in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, proving their rugged durability and reliable performance in countless installations ever since, while pioneering some of the most innovative air distribution systems (ADS) that significantly increase pump productivity by reducing air consumption and maintenance. Wilden offers a wide range of pump designs, configurations, certifications, and materials of construction; there is a pump for almost every industrial application and process.

Wilden products include bolted metal and plastic pumps, clamped metal and plastic pumps, high pressure pumps, sanitary and hygienic pumps, and solids and slurry handling pumps. Size ranges from 6mm (1/4”) to 102mm (4”). Wilden’s ADS’s are the Pro-Flo, Pro-Flo Shift, Accuflo, Turbo, and High Pressure. The Pro-Flo shift is the most efficient ADS on the market, boasting a 60% savings in air consumption and costs 50% less than electronically-actuated ADS. The Pro-Flo is a simple durable system with superior reliability and cost savings to similar models. The Accuflo provides critical external pump control for a variable, easy-to-control stroke rate. The Turbo has no mechanical trip rods, bearings or springs to wear out or repair. Finally, the high pressure allows for high discharge pressures.

With Wilden’s large list of pump types, sizes, and air distribution systems, they also offer elastomer configurations to fit any application, such as: Teflon®, Viton®, EPDM, Buna-N, Neoprene, Geolast®, Saniflex, Wil-Flex and Polyutrethane. They also offer different configurations of diaphragms, including: two-piece configurations, Ultra-Flex, EZ-Install and Integral Piston diaphragms. There is a Wilden pump to fit any Air Operated Double Diaphragm application in the market place.

Wilden Pumps
Since 1955, Wilden Pumps has been the market leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pumps.



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