Liquid Handling Accessories

Batch Centrifuges

Batch Centrifuges

The Batch Centrifuge is used to separate the solids from the liquids in the feed stream. The user may connect one or two wash streams to the Batch Centrifuge. These streams will displace a calculated amount of feed liquid from the cake, based on flows and the user-defined wash efficiency.

The model is designed so that it may simulate the following batch operation:

  • The feed slurry is fed to the unit until the solids load reaches a predetermined point, and the feed is then stopped.
  • The cake is washed, with either one or two washes.
  • The washings stream, or streams, from the Batch Centrifuge may be handled as follows:
    • They may be combined with the filtrate;
    • They may be removed in a single stream; or
    • They may be removed individually from the unit.

In Steady State mode the model determines how the washings are removed based on the streams that are connected to the unit.

The cake is then removed and the slurry feed is restarted.

The model allows reactions to be specified via a reaction file. The reactions occur before the separation takes place and any solids generated by the reaction(s) are included in the separation calculations.

The user may also specify an environmental heat loss from the Batch Centrifuge. The temperature of the solids and liquids is calculated after any reactions and/or heat loss has occurred.


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