DEF / Urea Dispensing Equipment

DEF / Urea Dispensing Equipment

DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid or Diesel Emissions Fluid) is a solution of urea and pure water blended to a specific concentration (32% urea). DEF is used in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) engines as a key component in reducing diesel NOx emissions.

Having a system that works with your SCR engines to accurately meter and dispense the solution into the urea tanks on your fleet vehicles is paramount to meeting EPA lower emissions standards. Click on the DuraFlo logo for more information.


Wilden Pumps
Since 1955, Wilden Pumps has been the market leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pumps.



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Viking Pump
Viking Pump provides an unmatched combination of application expertise and positive displacement pumping products to meet your pumping needs.



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Liquiflo Equipment Company is an international company that engineers, manufactures, and markets sealed and mag-drive, positive displacement and centrifugal pumps.



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Liquid Controls
Liquid Controls has been dedicated to providing high quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications.



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Red Seal Measurement
Red Seal Measurement systems are specially designed to provide unsurpassed service in the most demanding measurement applications, from refined fuel custody transfer to exacting batching operations in the food and chemical industries.



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Neptune ​metering pumps deliver precise, adjustable flow rates to move a measured volume of liquid over a specified time.



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