Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

American Controls Inc. offers a wide variety of air-operated diaphragm pumps from the leading manufacturers.


Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are commonly used for low viscosity (thin) liquids pumped at high flow rates.


Chemical Metering Pumps

Metering pumps deliver precise, adjustable flow rates to move a measured volume of liquid over a specified time.


Composite Gear Pumps

In many applications involving the pumping of corrosive liquid, the best option is composite gear pumps.


Drum Pumps

American Controls, Inc. offers a wide variety of drum pumps for any number of applications.


Eccentric Disc Pumps

Eccentric disc technology provides advantages over other pump designs, including low shear, no leakange and reduced maintenance.


External Gear Pumps

External gear pumps are typically used as lubrication pumps in machine tools, oil pumps in engines and in fluid power transfer units.


Sanitary & Food Grade Pumps

When it comes to pumps in the food industry, the equipment has to operate under special conditions and meet critical hygienic standards.


Internal Gear Pumps

Internal gear pumps are very versatile and have a high viscosity and temperature range.


Lobe Pumps

Lobe pumps are positive displacement pumps that operate similarly to external gear pumps.


Mag Drive Centrifugal Pumps

Our mag drive pumps are made from quality, corrosion resistant materails.


Mag Drive Gear Pumps

Mag Drive Gear Pumps are engineered to prevent leakage of corrosive and hazardous fluids.


Peristaltic / Hose Pumps

A peristaltic pump works through the alternating compression and relaxation of a hose or tube.


Piston Pumps

A piston pump is a type of positive displacement pump where the high-pressure seal reciprocates with the piston.


Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps mechanically move a set volume of liquid for each discharge cycle.


Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump is equipped with a hermetically sealed motor coupled to the pump.


Turbine Pumps

A turbine pump is used to pump water from deep wells, underground aquifers and reservoirs to feed water distribution systems.


Vacuum Pumps

Industrial vacuum pumps are used in a wide range of dry-running applications.


Vane Pumps

Vane Pumps consists of a circular rotor offset in a circular cavity.



Wilden Pumps
Since 1955, Wilden Pumps has been the market leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pumps.



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Viking Pump
Viking Pump provides an unmatched combination of application expertise and positive displacement pumping products to meet your pumping needs.



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Liquiflo Equipment Company is an international company that engineers, manufactures, and markets sealed and mag-drive, positive displacement and centrifugal pumps.



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Liquid Controls
Liquid Controls has been dedicated to providing high quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications.



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Red Seal Measurement
Red Seal Measurement systems are specially designed to provide unsurpassed service in the most demanding measurement applications, from refined fuel custody transfer to exacting batching operations in the food and chemical industries.



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Neptune ​metering pumps deliver precise, adjustable flow rates to move a measured volume of liquid over a specified time.



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