Control Panels

Control Panels

We provide build only design or build of control panels and systems. As a full turnkey Tier 1 supplier we are involved in projects from cradle to grave. We can design and build panels in accordance with UL508 and CSA requirements. Third party labeling can also be supplied. We also specialized in hazardous location design and build.

ACI has an experienced staff of controls programmers. Our software and HMI development includes all major PLC and automation controllers, such as Rockwell, Siemens, Omron and Toyopuc. ACI provides on-site start-up services for every system we build.

Our built control panels are used in a variety of systems. These include:

  • Windshield washer fill systems
  • Gasoline fill system
  • Def dispensing equipment
  • Line tracking systems
  • Many others

Your control panel will be tested and guaranteed as a turn-key solution.

Our custom-built control panel systems are built so they:

  • Have complete functionality regarding the needs of the user and system
  • Are easy to use
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce waste


Questions about Control Panels? Please contact us.

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